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Karting Driving Course

This course is for all karting fans who have always wanted to improve their skills. Age or previous experience is not important. Thanks to intensive driving training, you will make significant progress. If you already have racing experience, we will tailor our training to your individual skills.

  • Racing line
  • Braking points
  • Speed in curves
  • Race strategy
  • Behavior on the track and in the pit lane


Premium Coaching
  • The coach leads the way in a kart
    ("guided driving")
  • The coach trains with you to enhance overtaking maneuvers in race situations.
  • Ken Allemann
  • Cyndie Allemann (special case)
  • Nicolas Rohrbasser
  • Nicolas Mühlebach
  • Ayrton Vaison
  • Bryan Campos

More information about our coaches


Bookable from 2 hours.

Type of Course

Individual or group

Mechanics Course

This course is for anyone passionate about mechanics. We will provide you with general information on various kart adjustments and offer you interesting tips and tricks.

  • Mounting/dismounting rear axle
  • Mount motor
  • Bleed brakes
  • Steering geometry
  • Mounting tires on rims

Max. 3,5 hours

Type of Course

Individual course


CHF 420

Separator Spirit Karting AG

Engine Course

This course is for all the engine enthusiasts among you.
You will discover everything you need to know about engines.

  • Instructions on how to optimally use the engine power
  • Carburetor - Disassembly, cleaning, and instruction
  • Exhaust valve - Disassembly, cleaning, and instruction
  • Starter overhaul
  • Checking the gearbox oil level
  • Changing the engine sprocket
  • Clutch inspection

1,5 hours

Type of Course

Individual course


CHF 250

Steering Geometry Course

This course addresses the steering of your racing karts. What good is the best engine if the steering settings aren’t optimal?

  • Theory on geometry and various adjustments
  • Joint implementation
  • Use of the Sniper (laser)

2 hours

Type of Course

Individual course


CHF 280

Separator Spirit Karting - Cart


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KEEP YOUR fighting Spirit alive!
KEEP YOUR fighting Spirit alive!